Your garden : Le Jardin du Luxembourg !

Just a stone's throw from your hotel, you can enjoy sunny days in the Jardin du Luxembourg, one of the most beautiful gardens in Paris !

Covering an area of 25 hectares, divided into a French and English part, the garden was created on the initiative of Queen Marie de Medici in 1612.

You will find in it a geometric forest, a large pond, also magnificent greenhouses, a rose garden, an apiary, an orchard ... and around 106 statues located throughout the garden to admire !

This garden also hides a superb fountain, the Medicis fountain ! You can also visit the Orangerie, or the Davioud pavilion.

Children or adults, you will find many sports facilities and other activities on site. Many exhibitions and concerts are also regularly organized there.

Enough to occupy your beautiful Parisian summer days ! ☀️

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